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Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate

We hold expertise in manufacturing and supplying Calcium Carbonate. Available in the finest form, our Calcium Carbonate is processed by the skilled engineers using ultra modern technologies. Calcium Carbonate serves as an active ingredient in agricultural lime. It finds wide usage in the formulation of medicines. It helps in treating calcium deficiency. Further, Calcium Carbonate is hygienically packed in premium packaging material to retain its efficacy and other properties for long.


Details :

  • Raw material for Calcium Carbonate is' extracted by mining and it's in the form of Calcit converted into PRECIPITATED or ACTIVATED Calcium Carbonate.
  • It is much finer with particle size range going down to the sub-micrometer level.
  • Calcium carbonate is widely used as an extender in paints, in particular matte emulsion paint.
  • Calcium carbonate is also widely used as a filler in plastics.
  • It is known as whiting in ceramics/glazing applications, where it is used as a common ingrdlliarfor many glazes in its white powdered form. When a glaze containing this material is fired in a kiln, the whiting acts as a flux matex4il'in the glaze.


Type Calcium Carbonate
Place of Origin Alwar, Udaipur
Material Ultra Modern Technology
Usage Formulation of medicines, which helps treating in calcium deficiency
Packaging Material Premium Packaging Material
Payment Terms Advance / PDC / Credit

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