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Our organization has made a remarkable presence in Indian markets for providing superb quality China Clay Powder. China Clay Powder is used in different industries such as paint, rubber, paper etc. It is well known for its good plasticity and refractory nature. It increases the strength of the material in which it is mixed. Our China Clay Powder is greatly demanded by the customers for its finest quality, purity, high efficacy and long shelf life. China Clay Powder is hygienically packed in optimum grade packaging material to preserve its physical and chemical properties for long.


Details :

  • China Clay is Hydrated Aluminium Silicate with chemical composition Al2Si205(0H)4 .end consists-of soft hexagonal lamellar Particles
  • It has Density of 2.5, Refractive index 1.5 and high Oil Absorption, 30-60 ml/100gm
  • lt is used in ceramics, medicine, coating of paper, as a food additive, in toothpaste and in cosmetics. It is also used in paints as, it has good hiding power. The largest use is in the production of paper ensuring the gloss of paper.
  • A more recent and but limited use is as a specially formulated spray applied to fruits, vegetables, and other vegetation to repel or deter insect damage


Place of Origin Alwar, Udaipur
Usage Different Industries, Paper, Rubber etc.
Feature Good Plasticity & Refractory Nature
Quality Finest, Purity, Efficacy and Long Shelf Life.
Packaging Material Optimum Grade Material to preserve its Physical, chemical properties for long
Payment Terms Advance / PDC / Credit

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